Trouble Maker (Hyuna and Hyunseung) are really the issue makers!



We cannot leave out the hot performance that was the subject of conversation that came from the couple performance of ‘Trouble Maker’ by 4 Minute’s Hyuna and Beast’s Hyunseung at the 2012 MAMA. They were still the topic of conversation after their skinship filled performance and they were still the topic of curiosity behind the scenes.
The two also captured attention during the preview for Mnet’s ‘Wide Celebrity News’ that is going to share all the behind stories when it airs on the 6th at 5 p.m. On this broadcast there will be a section called ‘MAMA X Files- The never ending story’ (Directed by Jun, Soo Yeon) and will show the behind the stage actions of Hyuna and Hyunseung, who were named best performance of the MAMA, without filtration.
They showed the two right before their performance during the preview. They were holding hands tightly in order to have a sense of mutual understanding and they were also shown drinking water together to relieve their stress. The two had the warmth that showed that they were deserving of the best collaboration award. 
However, they truly shined on the stage compared to anywhere else. They had an extremely sexy performance like they last year that brought enthusiasm not just to the audience but also the the fellow artists who were there. 
The broadcast will also have a time to break down the fashions of the red carpet during ‘Celebrity style’ and will even introduce the celebs involved in the MAMA such as Song Joong Ki and Han Chae Young in a corner called ‘Winner’. This show will also break down the background stories of the 2012 MAMA. 

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