Kim Tae Hee draws attention due to comments made in the past

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Past words spoken by actress Kim Tae Hee are gaining attention. 

Recently, an online community message put up the words that were spoken by Kim Tae Hee from an interview in a magazine from 2003. At the time, Kim Tae Hee was in the SBS Drama ‘Screen’ playing a much loved character that fights against poverty and follows the dreams of movie stardom. She received a lot of love for that role and became a rising star due to it.

In the interview, the most eye catching part was when she spoke about her own beliefs. She said in the interview, I am against pre-martial sex and abortion. She continued by stating, “I am a Catholic and I am quite conservative”. Even though she could have been embarrassed by the questions, she answered them honestly.

Netizens said, “She is pretty”, “She had beauty back then as well”, “Her past words are really cool”, “Kim Tae Hee has beauty, smarts, and now her own beliefs. Is there anything that she cannot do?”, and “Did you save a country in your past life.. I am jealous”. *

Kim Tae Hee will soon be starring in her first sageuk (historical) drama next year in March called ‘Jang Ok Sung, Lives by Love (Working Title)’.

*This expression is used when someone is very blessed. People wonder if you did something great in your past life so you are so blessed now.|topbox_issuering


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