Your editors review ‘A Werewolf Boy’ (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)



The two of us went to see ‘A Werewolf Boy’ here in Seoul a few weeks ago when it opened. 

We wanted to share what we thought about it!


udontkiss’s review

I loved this movie. I never really liked Song Joong Ki until I saw this movie. Now, I am a huge fan and I am tempted to go to Sungkyunkwan University to find him (I am only half joking). He barely talks in this movie but he portrays his character so well. I read in the newspaper that he studied the actions of wolves to learn how to portray his character. He does not speak but he still able to show emotion so powerfully.

Song Joong Ki plays Chulsoo, a boy who has a mysterious past and mysterious powers. He ends up at the home of Sooni’s (played by Park Bo Young) family and eventually becomes a part of it. Sooni at first really dislikes Chulsoo but they grew to care for each other. Sooni has her own baggage and they sort of end up healing each other. It does have a love story to it but it is a lot different than the love stories portrayed in Korean media. There is an antagonist named Jitae played excellently by actor Yoo Yeon Seok. He really does portray the character that you love to hate. There is one typical Korean love story aspect here, a love triangle. 

The movie is also gorgeous to look at. It takes place in Gangwon province and has beautiful colors. I also loved Park Bo Young’s wardrobe which were full of vintage dresses (well, not vintage for the time).

Both Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki prove that they really are the top young stars out today.    I am now huge fans of both. 

The ending was heartbreaking but if you watch the movie it is understandable (to me). I cried a lot and my makeup smeared everywhere. Editor finite was horrified at the ending. I want to now watch the version with the new ending. 

Here is finite’s review!

‘A Werewolf Boy’ is a movie starring actress Park Bo Young and actor Song Joong Ki. It is a very cute and emotional story that has most people in tears by the end. This movie looks at the ‘werewolf’ aspect in a different light than what we usually see in movies. Both the main characters did a wonderful job portraying their parts. (SPOILER) Now here is the part that is absolutely annoying. 47 years! He has to wait for her to come back for 47 years! Okay, I get it. Yes, he is a wolf that doesn’t age but come on lady, at least have the decency to return before you are an old woman. If you are telling someone to wait then you should come back within a reasonable time. Nevertheless, the movie is really good. I would recommend going to see it. Also, it is really easy to follow. So, even if you are not fluent in Korean, I think you will be okay. If you are a foreigner in Korea you can find this movie playing with English Subtitles on Thursdays and Sundays. Check out the CGV theaters in Seoul for showtimes.

If you have not watched it yet here is the trailer with English Subtitles

We would also like your thoughts about the movie!

What did you think about the movie?

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3 thoughts on “Your editors review ‘A Werewolf Boy’ (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)

  1. Hello hun! I’ve finished watching this film today, it’s ending was confusing me. I don’t know korean but i watched it with subs. I wanna know what was written in the letter that cholsoo gave to sooni.
    Also, did she left him on his own again?
    My questions might be stupid but I hope to get an answer. Is there any forum regarding this movie where fans can discuss about its story?

    • Hello,
      Thanks for your comment. The ending is left up for interpretation. Believe me, we have had our frustrations with the ending as well. The letter at the end says “Wait, I will come back.” It was the letter that she left for him. Also, she did leave again, but she didn’t sell the house so that he could stay. Also, your questions are not stupid. I watched it a couple of times and each time I found something new 🙂 I hope this helps. Oh, and I’m not sure about a forum.

  2. Loved how in finite’s review the movie was described as being “cute”- one is mislead to think it’s a movie full of roses ❤

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