Former girl group member ‘A’ deals with loss of popularity

Note: There were actually two stories here in the article. The second story repulsed me so I am not publishing it. The writer was basically victim blaming for something that was not the person’s fault. I have left the link but will not be translating the second article. 


Actress ‘A’, a former girl group member, was sitting in a Carnival (car model) and crying her eyes out. During her girl group days, she enjoyed hot popularity and even won first place on music awards. However, she saw her popularity fall when she went solo.

She is currently starring in a miniseries but it looks as if she will not get the popularity she once enjoyed. It was bad enough that her popularity went down but her company switched her car from a van to a Carnival in order to save costs.

When ‘A’ found this out she screamed, “You want me to ride the car that the dance team had to ride in during my girl group days?” and sobbed. Miss ‘A’~ you probably should not be worrying about the car but worry about your acting.


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