Shinhwa’s Dongwan confesses, “I once went to an alcohol addiction clinic”



Group Shinhwa’s Dongwan honestly confessed that he had once gone to an alcohol addiction clinic.

It was revealed on the 9th on JTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ where the Shinhwa members talked about their drinking habits and drinking tolerance. 

Kim Dongwan came third in drinking tolerance with 3 bottles of soju.

He said, “I even ask people I do not know for kisses” and “If they do not give it to me, I become angry”.

He continued, “I normally have this image of being a drinker so I normally go drinking with the PD, writers, and other staff members. Once the film got cut and I made a very big mistake”. He also confessed, “That is why I once went with our manager to the alcohol addiction clinic”.

The other members said, “That is extreme” and they ended up laughing a lot due to his drinking habits.



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