Big Bang’s first concert in Europe!


Big Bang will be having their first concert in Europe. 

Their company YG Entertainment shared that Big Bang will be meeting their European fans for the first time during their ‘All Live Galaxy Tour’ taking place on the 14th and 15th at London’s Wembley Arena.

Wembley Arena is where legendary English group the ‘Beatles’, Swedish group ‘ABBA’, and American pop star Beyonce have all had their concerts.

YG Entertainment stated, “They originally planned to have their concert on the 15th but tickets got sold out within two hours so the date of the 14th was added”. 

Big Bang had 30,000 people attend their performances during the 8-10th at Hong Kong’s World Expo. The original plan was to have the performances during the 8th and the 9th but the date of the 10th was added as all the tickets sold out. Chinese actor and singer Shawn Yue, Chinese singer and actress Kary Ng, and group Ultra Pink were all in attendance.

Big Bang will end their world tour during January 25-27 at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Park. 



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