Girls’ Generation expected to make a comeback in Korea in January!


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Nine member girl group Girls’ Generation (Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Yuri, Seohyun, Tiffany,Sunny, and Jessica) will be returning to Korea with a full album after 14 months away.

Various music industry insiders stated that Girls’ Generation were originally going to have a comeback in November but are now in the final stages of preparation for their 4th album  in which the goal is to be released in January and is currently being done in utmost secrecy. 

One individual familiar with the industry told Star News, “Girls’ Generation were combining their Japanese promotions with their Korean album productions” and “There is a good chance that their album will be released in January”.

This is how their comeback was known to be for next year rather than this year. They have not released an album of new Korean songs since their album ‘The Boys’ that was released on October 3rd of last year.  

A sub-unit called ‘Girls’ Generation Taetiseo’ featuring members Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun  released a mini album called ‘Twinkle’ and had promotions in April. However, this new album will be the first time that all 9 members will release a Korean album under the name of Girls’ Generation. As Girls’ Generation is considered to be one of the most popular girls groups in the industry, people are already anticipating what kind of power they will be showing.

Girls’ Generation are also mentioned to be the next Korean singers to follow the wave that  has been started by singer Psy (Park Jae Sang). They have been named as nominees for world’s best group at the ‘2012 World Music Awards’ that will be happening on the 20th and have raised the status of Korean pop. Foreign fans are also anticipating Girls’ Generation’s new album.

A representative from their company SM Entertainment stated, “Their title song has already been chosen and they are in the final stages of preparation” and “The time that it will be released is still being decided” and “It’s too early to say about an album release abroad”.

Girls’ Generation is currently involved in promotions in Japan. They released their second Japanese album ‘Girls’ Generation 2 Girls and Peace’ and are currently in promotions. 



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