What happens when a supposed ‘Goo Hara look-alike’ takes off all her makeup?



An internet ulzzang* that was called a ‘Goo Hara look-alike’ does not actually exist.

4 ulzzang frauds appeared on tvN’s ‘Martian Virus’ on the 11th.

These individuals were only ulzzangs in the online world due to makeup and photoshop. One of these four women insisted that she looked like Goo Hara. However, it was shocking when she showed her bare face. Kim Goora stated, “You are not similar to Goo Hara but rather Kim Shinyoung”. 

She shared the methods in which she could look like Goo Hara, “Lower your bangs and cover you face. Draw eyeliner really deeply on your face and use fake eyelashes and circle lenses to complete the first part of the transformation” and “For the second part of the transformation, take the picture using the ulzzang angle and use photoshop to make your chin slimmer and eyes bigger”. 

*ulzzang means best face

Source: http://isplus.joinsmsn.com/article/886/10144886.html


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