Drama ‘I Miss You’ beats ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ for the second time in ratings! (SPOILER ALERT)



The Wednesday/Thursday drama ‘I Miss You’ (Script by Moon Hee Jung, Directed by Lee Jae Dong) has seen a slight rise in viewer ratings and has kept its first place spot for a Wednesday/Thursday drama.
The research ratings firm AGB Nielsen Media gave the results on the morning of the 13th and showed that ‘I Miss You’ had 11.7% of viewer ratings for the recently aired episode. It showed a 0.2 percent increase from its previous episode and was able to keep its lead  for the second week.
KBS 2TV’s ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ had its first place rating taken away the previous week and had a 11.0% viewer rating and was second place for a consecutive week. SBS’s ‘Daepoongsoo’ had a 8.0% viewer rating and stayed in third place.
On the recent episode of ‘I Miss You’, the cleaning lady (played by Kim Mi Kyung) is being suspected of killing her daughter’s abuser. She is seen being taken away by the police after her final act of revenge. 

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