Your editors review Codename: Jackal! (Spoiler Alert)


Code Name: Jackal

Starring: Kim Jaejoong of JYJ and Song Ji Hyo

finite’s review: Where to start? Let’s start with a brief introduction. The movie Codename: Jackal is an action filled comedy starring Song Ji Hyo, a crazed fan/killer hired to kill popular star Kim Jae Joong. The killer kidnaps the popular singer but things don’t go so smoothly.

The set up to the kidnapping scene was comical and set a good pace for the movie. Since we already knew from the trailer and movie posters that he was getting kidnapped I was happy that they didn’t drag it out. Jaejoong of course did a wonderful job of pretty much playing himself. Song Ji Hyo, as usual, shows that she can play any character. 
Although, this movie had a lot of hype from the big star names, I don’t think the movie lived up to that hype. There were several parts where I felt the story should have developed more. It was like the writers just put random scenes in to make you go “What in the world did I just watch?” and “Wait…what’s happening?” Usually, a person can tell if they like a movie or not right after it finishes. However, for me, after completing the movie I had to let it set for a couple of days. After a few days, I was still thinking…”What in the world did I just watch?” You know, how some movies have several different stories going on and then at the end they all connect. I really think that is what they were trying to do but it didn’t quite happen that way. All in all, the movie wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t great either. It’s like that saying, “It is what it is”. There were definitely some funny parts and the chemistry between Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jae Joong was great. I hope to see them act together again in the future.

udontkiss’s review:
Where to begin?
This movie had a TON of potential. Jaejoong has proven that he can hold his own in acting and Song Ji Hyo is one of my favorite actresses in Korea. Where did it go wrong?
Let’s start with the beginning. Jaejoong plays Choi Hyun, a Hallyu star and a somewhat fictionalized version of himself. You wonder how much of the movie story is his own. The scenes in which he deals with psychotic fans made me wonder how much of this he actually goes through. The whole movie basically takes place at a seedy motel. Choi Hyun is basically a target for an assassin named Bong Min Jung played by Song Ji Hyo. She has been hired to kill him but she does not seem like your average assassin. She is clumsy and has quite a few tumbles when she tries to off him. Jaejoong tries to convince her that he is not Choi Hyun but a look alike (ha). There are also some seemingly inept policemen who are at the same motel trying to catch the assassin named Jackal. The question is whether or not Bong Min Jung is the famed Jackal. Are you confused? Yes, this is what the problem of the movie is. They were trying to do too many stories at once. Would I recommend watching this movie? I think only huge fans of either Jaejoong or Song Ji Hyo should stick to this movie but even then it is debatable. The two obviously have talent but their talent should have been placed elsewhere. On a side note, I think it’s funny that among the 5 original DBSK members (sniff), the JYJ side got all the good acting skills while Changmin and Yunho look perpetually constipated in their acting. (Please don’t kill me DBSK fans).

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