Is this really Yoona? Past photos of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona gain attention.



‘Reverse past photos’ of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona have again become the center of attention. 
A post on an online message board uploaded the pictures of Yoona with the words, “Do not put this kind of makeup on Yoona again”.
These photos were from the November 2009 issue of Instyle Korea magazine.
In one photo, Yoona has bangs with long wavy hair and is wearing a tube top with shiny black decorations. She is showing off her sexy side in these pictures. She has a completely different look than the elegant and innocent look she has now. Her thick makeup also makes people think “Is this a different person?”. 
In another photo, Yoona is wearing a sleeveless dress with her tanned skin and she gives off the charm of being a ‘femme fatale’ with her enticing look and pose.
The netizens who saw these photos stated, “These pictures give off a completely different feel”, “The elegant image suits her better”, and “The power of makeup is amazing but she is still pretty”.

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