JYJ’s Jaejoong to release first solo album!



JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will be releasing his first solo album since his debut. Fellow JYJ member Kim Junsu has already released two solo albums outside of JYJ.
C-jeS Entertainment revealed on the 18th that Jaejoong would be releasing a solo mini album in January of 2013. It will have tracks by Sinawe vocalist Kim Bada, and Jaejoong will be going in a rock direction for this album.
Kim Bada stated, “Kim Jaejoong will be showing a bit of sexy and glam singing in a way in which he only can” and requested a lot of interest in the project. Jaejoong wrote the lyrics to the songs that Kim Bada had written. Kim Bada also stated, “It will be time for people to recognize Jaejoong as an artist rather than an idol”.
C-jeS Entertainment commented on Jaejoong’s album by stating, “We are expecting to release a album jacket teaser and video teaser in that order” and “We are planning to release the music video when we release the song to the music websites”.
Kim Jaejoong is currently starring in the movie ‘Code Name: Jackal”.

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