Jaejoong goes to the wrong polling station!


Note: Poor Jaejoong. I went to vote today as well! ^^

Kim Jaejoong finished voting.

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong went to vote during the 18th Presidential Elections at the 5th polling station in Samsung-dong Seoul on the 19th. He waited for a long time and found out that he went to the wrong location when it was his turn. He had to go to his designated spot.

Jaejoong wrote on his twitter after voting, “I went to the wrong station. I eventually finished voting” and also uploaded a proof shot. He also wrote on his twitter after seeing the news and pictures of himself, “Oh My God” and put up a photo to portray his hopelessness. 

Fans wrote, “It is important to have the desire to vote”, “All that matters is that you voted”, “You must have been so surprised”, “It is a relief that you could vote. Your photo is cute” and “You must have suffered in the cold. 

Source: http://isplus.live.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=10217778&ctg=1503&tm=i_ntr



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