Girls’ Generation will be releasing a song on the 21st.


Girls’ Generation will suddenly release a new song to the public.
Girls’ Generation drew attention when SMTown’s Twitter and Facebook, Girls’ Generation’s Facebook and Twitter, and SMTown’s Weebo all uploaded a message with the Girls’ Generation logo and ‘2012. 12.21 10 A.M’.
There was a lot of interest due to nothing being revealed besides the date. A representative from the music industry said that Girls’ Generations message meant that they will share a song that will be included in their new album at 10 a.m. on December 21st. 
Girls’ Generation is expected to break through the industry in a way that has not been seen since Psy broke through with his song ‘Gangnam Style’. They are the top girl group in the country and are bringing more anticipation for their comeback as they are going to seize the country with a new song during the holiday season.

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