T-ARA says no to alcohol but yes to gambling?


Girl Group T-ARA received criticism when it was revealed that while they refused to do advertisements for liquor they have been advertising slot machines in Japan.
A picture of their advertisement was uploaded on an online community with the words ‘T-ARA’s Slot Machine Ad’. It was been revealed that T-ARA was chosen to be the models for Sanyo Products’ Pachinko machine ‘CRA Delux’.
The netizens that saw the picture stated, “T-ARA decided to advertise slot machines after refusing liquor ads”, “I think life in Japan and Korea are very different”, and “I do not understand their company”.
T-ARA’s company Core Contents Media had explained on the 18th, “We do not think that it is right to feature in advertisements for alcohol as they can create a drinking culture among youths”.

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