Feelings are revealed on ‘I Miss You’ (SPOILERS)!

On the 13th episode of ‘I Miss You’ that was shown on the 20th, Jung Woo (Park Yoochun) and Sooyeon (Yoon Eunhye) were able to check their feelings for each other with a kiss.
Sooyeon was looking at Jungwoo who fell asleep in the workroom and Jungwoo woke up and locked eyes with her. Sooyeon was embarassed when Jungwoo stared into her eyes after she was caught looking at him.
Hwang Miran (Do Ji Won) came to the workroom and Sooyeon looked at the first piece of work she created and was able to express her feelings for Jungwoo. 
Sooyeon asked Hwang Miran to get her a glass of water and she told Jungwoo who was behind the curtain, “I wish you did not hurt anymore. I am ok now”. 
Jungwoo dragged Sooyeon behind the curtain and told her that he could not forget and shared his feelings towards her. He talked about his first kiss with Sooyeon and 
then they shared a heartbreaking kiss.

 Source: http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/12/20/2012122002749.html



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