Lizzy turns into Santa!


Lizzy cutely turned into a Santa girl. 

After School’s Lizzy uploaded a picture and talked about Christmas on her twitter on the 23rd by saying, “Everyone, there are two days left until Christmas. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a warm Christmas.”

Lizzy is wearing a red jacket in the picture and is wearing a fur hat while looking at the camera. Her cute smile and the fact that she blew air into her cheeks brought a kind of charm that only Lizzy could bring. 

The netizens that saw Lizzy’s Santa girl wrote, “Lizzy’s Santa girl is cute”, “Where could I meet this Santa girl”, “Merry Christmas to you”, “What are you doing for Christmas?”, “I feel good just looking at this picture”, “You have skin like a white gem”, “Anytime Lizzy takes a picture is like a magazine shot.” 

Lizzy is currently starring in the weekend drama ‘My Fellow Sons’ on MBC and is playing the role of Yoori.




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