Jaejoong will be having a birthday concert!


JYJ member Kim Jaejoong will be having a birthday concert in celebration for the release of his first solo album. 
His management company C-jes Enterainment shared that Jaejoong will be having the performances next month on the 26th and 27th. His birthday is the January 26th.
The theme will be ‘Your, My and Mine’. C-jes stated, “It will be a whole different kind of performance that will have three parts. It will be a big event that will combine a mini concert and fan meeting.”
Jaejoong stated, “I think it will be a time for me to show my true self to my fans through the performance and it will be a meaningful time” and raised the expectations for the performance. Tickets can be reserved on Interpark starting on the 7th.
His first album will be released next month on the 17th. Kim Bada, the vocal of the rock band Sinawe’ will be participating and there will be various types of rock music in the album. A song from the OST of Jaejoong’s movie debut ‘Code Name: Jackal’ will also be included.

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