Girls’ Generation’s new song is from the team that made “Tell Me Your Wish!”


The title song of Girls’ Generation’s 4th album ‘I Got a Boy’ was revealed to be a strong combined effort from the team that composed ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ by SM Entertainment on the 27th.
Their company stated, “This song was a collaboration by the famous composing team ‘Dsign music’ that created ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, Europe’s top composers, and Korea’s representative composer Yoo Young Jin. This dream team of composers came together to create a song that will bring a new style to Girls’ Generation’s music.”
They continued, “This is a song that will be different from the normal style of song that Girls’  Generation sings and it will be a song that will bring a feeling of change. It is a unique song in which there are many different kinds of music styles and tempos. It has a  catchy chorus with a strong melody that is memorable.”
The lyrics of the song is within the theme of ‘the gossip of women’, and it has fun content in which women are sharing gossip with their friends.
The dance version of the teaser will be released on the 28th and is planned to show their performance and dance.

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