Christmas in Korea, the Myeondong edition!

Hello! Your editors here! We wanted to bring some non celebrity stuff as well. Well, we did include some celebrity stuff (we can never avoid it).

finite’s Christmas experience:

So many are curious about what Christmas is like in Korea and what are some of the difference between Christmas here compared to Christmas in America.

Christmas in Korea is more of a couple’s holiday than a family holiday. It is also one of the biggest times of the years for bakeries and dessert companies. People buy Christmas cake for their significant other or family. Christians go to church but they do not exchange gifts. Some Koreans may get one gift for someone who is really special to them but they don’t give out presents to all their friends and family. 

Although Korea celebrates Christmas day a little differently, the hype leading up to Christmas is just about the same.You see Christmas decorations starting in November and many businesses decorate Christmas trees and put lights out. Even the employees dress as Santa Claus or as they say in Korea, Santa Halaboji (산타 할아버지), and reindeer to promote their shops.

This year udontkiss and I spent Christmas in Myeongdong. Myeongdong is a big shopping area in Seoul. One thing you will notice on Christmas day is that a lot of the young people like to dress up. I mean it in 2 different ways. You will see a lot of people with really nice elegant looking clothes on and you will see people wearing costumes. It almost felt like Halloween seeing so many people in the reindeer costumes. I would have to say that they are pretty smart because everyone wearing the nice elegant clothes were freezing and the ones who dressed in costumes looked nice and warm. If you are planning to visit Korea and go to Myeong Dong on Christmas day, I would just like to put out a warning. It’s like a Wal-Mart on black Friday without the crazy people. There are TONS of people that go to shop and just experience the culture so be prepare to walk shoulder to shoulder and wear something warm.

udontkiss talks about Myeongdong

One of the things that you will notice in Myeongdong is how many cosmetics shops there are. There are so many brands in Korea and the types that are most common in Myeongdong are called the road shops. Brands like The Face Shop, Nature Republic, and Missha are all huge. They also have celebrity endorsers and here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Yunho, Changmin, and BoA model for Missha!


Jang Geun Suk models for Nature Republic!





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