Did Hyuna lip-sync during the KBS ‘Music Festival?’



4Minute’s Hyuna is currently in a lip-syncing controversy.

She performed with Beast’s Hyunseung for the song ‘Trouble Maker’ at the KBS ‘Music Festival’ that was broadcast live on the 28th. During this performance Hyuna and Hyunseung gave a cool dance performance but there was a difference in their singing quality. Hyunseung gave a type of singing performance in which it was obvious that it was live and had a clear voice with high quality. Hyuna, on the other hand, was very quiet in her singing compared to him. The viewers commented that “Hyunseung is singing so hard and the fact that Hyuna could barely be heard lowered the quality of the performance.” The viewers commented that Hyuna must have been lip-syncing. 

Cube Entertainment responded to the ongoing discussions about Hyuna that was taking place online by saying “The performance on the 28th had the AR instrumental on low for the sake of quality of the performance and the performance was live” and “However, the sound between the two was very different. Hyunseung was holding a hand mic and so his voice was well heard but Hyuna had sound problems so her voice was not heard clearly” and clarified the situation. They also stated, “If she was lip-syncing then her voice would have been heard a lot clearer.”

Hyuna has previously been involved in a lip-syncing controversy. She surprised the audience during a comeback performance of 4Minute’s ‘Volume Up’ in which she was dancing but was not moving her mouth during her part.

Source: http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20121230105512571


2 thoughts on “Did Hyuna lip-sync during the KBS ‘Music Festival?’

  1. okay, lmao, a lot of idols lip sync, what’s the problem? tvxq lip synced a lot of performances on humanoids and catch me, big deal. she wasn’t lip syncing, you could totally hear her voice. either way, not a big deal because people lip sync anyways.

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