Super Junior M performs on M Countdown!



Super Junior M performed on Mnet’s M Countdown that took place at 6 p.m. on the 31st at Seoul’s CJ E&M Center.

Baechigi won first place with ‘Tears Shower’. 




(Photo Post) Big Bang at the Seoul Music Awards


The ’22nd Hi-One 2012 Seoul Music Awards’ opened at 7 p.m. on January 31st at Seoul’s Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Stadium.

Big Bang won an award at the ceremony.

Awards include the Grand Prize, Artist Award, New Artist Award, Digital Award, and other awards in other categories. This awards ceremony celebrates the bright stars of the music industry. 



Moon Heejun wants to film ‘We Got Married’ with Girls’ Generations’ Taeyeon



Singer Moon Heejun stated that he hoped to be in a pretend marriage with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. 

Moon Hee Jun appeared on SBS Radio’s ‘Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School’ and stated “As a fan, I want to be in a pretend marriage with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon” and made everyone surprised. Moon Heejun talked about ‘We Got Married’ by saying, “I think it will be fun to be in a pretend marriage. I have never been married so I do not know what it will be like but I think it will be fun.”

When asked “Who do you want to have a pretend married with” by Kim Chang Ryul, he answered “I want to have one with Taeyeon. I think that Girl’s Generation fans might disagree but I am speaking as a fan. Taeyeon is like a doll” and praised Taeyeon’s looks.


(Photo Post) Siwon becomes a Barista!


Super Junior member Choi Siwon appeared at the ‘The Twosome Place Choi Siwon Shop with Choi Siwon’ that was held on the morning of the 30th at Seoul’s Twosome Place coffee shop location in Myeongdong’s Olive Young. 

Siwon lent his name to a ‘Siwon’s Special Brand Coffee’ which is a coffee that is made using his own special hand drip method. 


Suzy films an ad for a vitamin drink!



Actress and singer Suzy has been seen filming an ad for a vitamin drink.

A picture of Suzy was uploaded on an online community with the title, “Suzy, during the filming of the vitamin drink commercial.”

In the picture, Suzy is seen with her trademark long straight hair and she is holding the drink in her right hand. Even though the picture was taken from a distance, she is the center of attention with her innocent beauty.

Suzy has promoted items such as furniture, clothing, cosmetics, and food and she is known as the ‘CF Queen’.

Netizens wrote, “This is really Suzy’s time”, “She is totally the CF queen”, “She is taking over the advertisement industry”, “She is still pretty even though it is taken from far away”, and “I think I need to start drinking vitamin drinks now”.

Suzy will appear with Lee Seunggi in the MBC Monday/Wednesday drama ‘Gu Family Medicine Book’.


FT Island’s Hongki shows off his fashion sense!


FT Island’s Hongki uploaded pictures that showed off his chic fashion sense! 

He uploaded the pictures on his twitter on the 30th with the words, “Go Go Go, I cannot go to the amusement park in the winter but here at least.”

In the pictures, he is wearing black pants and a white shirt that has decorations on it. He is also wearing a fur hat and also a pair of sunglasses that show off his fashion sense. His unique and silly charms were shown in the pictures where he is sitting in a chair with his legs crossed and posing and also where is he is standing in front of a sculpture and simply having fun. 

The netizens that saw this wrote, “Lee Hongki is always cute”, “Chic”, “The clothes are nice”, “A man with fashion sense”, and “He has a good time by himself.”

FT Island had a concert on the 19th at 7:30 p.m. at Changning Gymnastic’s Center called ‘Take FT Island Tour Live in Shanghai’.


What did Han Hyojoo look like ten years ago?



A picture of actress Han Hyoju from ten years ago has become the center of attention

The picture is from 2003 when Han Hyoju was in the Bingerae Competetion in which she won the grand prize. 

The fact that she has the same slim figure that she did back then gained attention.

However, the fact that she looks different from now made netizens suspicious of plastic surgery.

Netizens also wrote, “I almost did not recognize her”, “She was very cute ten years ago”, and “Her slim figure is the same.”