Does Park Hee Bon look like Kim Tae Hee?



Park Hee Bon’s likeness to Kim Tae Hee has now again become the subject of attention after the romance rumors between Rain and Kim Tae Hee.

One internet site uploaded pictures of  Park Hee Bon on the 2nd with the title “Park Hee Bon looks like Kim Tae Hee” and the pictures have been gaining interest from netizens.

The postings on the site also had the pictures that Park Hee Bon uploaded onto her SNS. In the pictures there were Park Hee Bon’s big eyes, sharp nose, and thin jawline which made her look like Kim Tae Hee. The netizens that saw these pictures wrote, “You could believe that they are sisters” and “A 100% match”.

Park Hee Bon is currently starring on KBS 2TV’s daily sitcom ‘Family’ and plays the role of Yeol Hee Bong.



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