Shin Se Kyung is a Girls’ Generation fangirl!


Shin Se Kyung has Girls’ Generation illness.

She wrote on her twitter on the 2nd, “Ah… I like it so much that I cannot sleep. What do I do?” 

When someone asked her what the matter was she stated, “Soshi… Can’t you hear noona’s heart beat?” and referenced the song and music video that was released on the 1st for ‘I Got a Boy’ which is from the 4th official album of Girls’ Generation. 

She continued, “What do I do? I think my symptoms are becoming worse. What am  I doing right now and not sleeping. Everything seems so beautiful right now. I will try to sleep now even though the video will be running around” and showed her feelings about Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation released their song and music video on January 1st. They performed ‘I Got a Boy’ for the first time through MBC’s ‘Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy’. They are receiving positive reviews for their different charms that are shown through the sexy and powerful performance. 



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