Suzy writes a handwritten letter to her fans!



Suzy shared her thanks to her fans through a handwritten letter.

She uploaded the handwritten letter to the official Miss A fan cafe ‘Say A’ on the 2nd and greeted her fans in the new year.

She wrote, “Hello. This is Suzy. It is now 2013! It has already been three years since I have spent time with you. You have given me unchanging love and it is through your encouragement that Miss A and Suzy could receive strength and why we could receive a lot of love in 2012.”

She continued and showed her love for her fans by saying, “I am always grateful and always sorry. I think of all of you who are consistently encouraging me in my heart and I will repay you with good music and good activities. Please do not be sick and I hope that there will be a lot of good things for you in 2013. I will receive strength from those who receive strength from someone who is not special like me and will become a better person for you. I hope there will be a lot of blessings this year.” 

Suzy wrote a postscript in her letter by saying, “I wrote this letter with a really big pen so it looks like I wrote it poorly but my handwriting has charm, doesn’t it? and showed off her special and lively charm. She also made people laugh when she wrote ‘real’ next to her name.

The netizens that saw this letter wrote, “Her new years letter is moving. Suzy, also receive blessings”, “Is handwriting the thing that Suzy lacks? It doesn’t suit her but it is charming”, “Suzy’s heart is also pretty because she wrote it herself”, and “It is a letter that I want to cherish.”





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