Girls Day’s Yura takes a picture in Cambodia


Girls Day member Yura shared a photo that she took in Cambodia.

She uploaded the picture on her twitter and wrote, “Surprise, this is Cambodia! How is Korea? Is it cold? It is really hot here.”

She is wearing black Boeing sunglasses in the picture and is pouting while looking at the camera with a cute expression. The fact that Yura’s hair near her forehead is damp makes on presume that it is because of the hot  weather.

Netizens stated, “It is -14 degrees here, I am very jealous”, “Yura’s expression is so cute”, “The downfall of taking a selca with sunglasses is that you can ses yourself”, and “Have fun.”

Girls Day showed off their sexy charms with their new song ‘Don’t Forget Me’ that was performed on December 31st on MBC’s ‘Music Celebration’.



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