Gikwang gets humiliated over his height!


Lee Gikwang got humiliated due to his height.

He drew out laughter when he got humiliated while giving Choi Jiwoo a piggyback ride on SBS’s ‘Happy Sunday-Running Man’ that was broadcast on January 6th.

During the challenge, the Running Men had a mission to give a member from the other team, Choi Jiwoo and Song Jihyo, piggy back rides. Lee Gikwang of Song Jihyo’s team had to give Choi Jiwoo a piggyback ride. 

Gikwang got embarassed due to Choi Jiwoo’s tall height of 174 cm. Gikwang was embarassed because she could not be put on his back all at once. Gikwang had to carry Choi Jiwoo in a very uncomfortable position. Everyone laughed as Choi Jiwoo’s feet touched the ground as she was on Gikwang’s back.

Everyone laughed when Simon D and Gary asked Choi Jiwoo, “What did you eat in the morning?” when they saw the struggle.



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