Rain given ‘a slap in the wrist’ by the army. Outcry is expected!


Singer Rain (Jung Ji Hoon, 31) was given probation by the army.

The Ministry of National Defense gave their official statement that Rain was given probation on the afternoon of the 8th.

Rain had previously been the center of controversy due to his excessive breaks and breaking of uniform protocol while on military duty. The Ministry of National Defense stated their opinion the matter by saying, “We do recognize that Corporal Jung Ji Hoon broke military uniform rules. Corporal Jung broke military rules when he went to a practice room in Nonhyundong on November 23, December, 2, and December 9 in 2012 and later went to go see Kim Tae Hee with a car on those dates and later returned to his military unit. The reason he left the unit was for government work but we can recognize that returning through Kim Tae Hee’s car was a violation of the rules.”

It seemed as if the Ministry of National Defense will not give him a punishment of going to the guardhouse but rather will just prevent him from leaving the military unit. A big outcry is expected due to the Ministry of National Defense’s actions.

There was a lot of surprise when Rain was spotted with actress Kim Tae Hee after filming an advertisement for a company and due to his uniform controversy. 

Source: http://isplus.joinsmsn.com/article/936/10368936.html


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