Gayoon and Jiyoon to go country!



2Yoon, a sub-unit of group 4 Minute, will be the first Korean pop group to go for the genre of country pop. 

They will be the first Korean singers to infuse country pop into their song by preparing a new song that is exciting and has a fast tempo. They will be releasing their 1st mini album on the 17th. They will have a humorous music video and will have a special performance by Jung Hyun Don, who is close to the group. 

Country pop is a genre that is consistently popular in America, and there is a lot of interest on how the group will tackle the genre.

Their agency Cube Entertainment boasted about the group by saying, “The song is the first Korean pop song that goes into this genre and is one that succeeds in bringing freshness and it is a great mix of rap and vocal harmony.”

The group drew attention to themselves with their teaser images that were taken with baby piglets and baby chicks.



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