How do YG artists workout?

Note: We will only be uploading two articles today. Please look forward for many posts from Friday-Sunday. Thanks for coming! 


Photos of members of the YG Entertainment family (Big Bang, 2NE1, Sean, etc) pushing themselves while working out have become the center of attention.

YG Entertainment’s sports trainer Hwang Ssabu uploaded the pictures of the YG singers on his Facebook. The photos show Seungri, Bom, Minzy, Sean and others wearing plain clothes and working out in the gym that is located inside the YG Entertainment building.

The stars are shown wearing exercise clothes and exercising in a lonely manner on a treadmill while watching variety shows. Minzy is showing her flexibility while stretching on an exercise ball. 

A picture of Big Bang’s Seungri and Daesung looking like boxers have gained attention. They show off their strong abs and their sleek jawlines. 

Netizens wrote, “It is good to see them taking care of themselves”, “Their abs are daebak”, and “I want to workout like that as well.”

Big Bang will be having their ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour Final’ from the 25th to the 27th at the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium and will be closing their world tour in an extravagant way.



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