Secret’s Zinger still cannot perform due to her injuries!


Secret’s Zinger (23, Jung Hana) of the four member girl group Secret will still not be able to perform due to group’s car accident.

Her company TS Entertainment stated on the 13th, “Zinger had a goal of performing at the ‘Golden Disk’ but it is still difficult for her to dance and so we have pushed back her return date.”

Zinger suffered a cracked rib and bruised lungs due to the car accident on December 11th and had received treatment. 

TS Entertainment stated, “She has no problems in her daily life but the hospital said that she needs time to heal the rib area so she cannot do powerful choreography yet. We will follow the hospital’s orders and make the decisions from there.”

Zinger will not be present at the ’27th Golden Disk Awards’ that will take place from the 15-16 in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and will be attended by the other three members of Jun Hyosung (24), Han SUnhwa (23), and Song Jieun (23).

They will be singing a medley of their hit songs including ‘Love is Move’, ‘Poison’, and ‘Talk That’ for about ten minutes and also have a combined stage with fellow company group B.A.P.

The company also stated, “It will be difficult for Zinger to attend the ‘Hi-One Seoul Music Awards’ on the 31st. We think that it will not be until February in which she can perform.”



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