Yewon and Minhyuk share a hug on ‘The Romantic and the Idol’.


Jewelry’s Yewon and B2B’s Minhyuk gave off the sense of being a real couple through a back hug on tvN’s variety show ‘The Romantic and the Idol’.

The two had a mission to reenact a scene from the drama ‘I am Sorry, I Love You’. They had to imitate the back hug of So Ji Sup and Lim Soojung and they had to be bold in their skinship on what was their first date.

Minhyuk commented on the mission by saying, “I think that people will see us and say ‘That couple is really beautiful'” and showed his satisfaction with the task as it was completed. Yewon had said, “On the way back, Minhyuk kept looking at the video. I thought to myself that’ This date was really fun’.”

‘The Romantic and the Idol’ features G.NA, Jewelry’s Yewon, Spica’s Yang Jiwon, 2X’s Eunyoung, FT Island’s Jong Hoon, B2B’s Minhyuk, ZE:A’s Kevin, and Big’s N. It is a dating variety show in which the participants try to find their other half during 3 nights and 4 days on Jeju island.



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