Lee Hwanhee (Fwaney) has a showcase for second single!

Former Girls’ Generation trainee Lee Hwanhee (Fwaney) had a showcase for her second single at 4 p.m at B-Hive located in Seoul’s Cheongdam-dong.

Hwanhee got rid of titles such as Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun’s friend, Girls’ Generation’s tenth member, and SM Entertainment trainee, and proclaimed her activities as a solo artist.

Her song called ‘Monroe’s Heel’ was created by composer Kim Gunwoo. This song has the motive of sexy icon Marilyn Monroe’s high heel. Marilyn Monroe would cut 0.6 cm off one of her high heels to give a more sexy feeling. This song expresses the pride and confidence of the modern woman. It has a stylish beat and has the sounds of the guitar and the synthesizer that brings forth a special melody with the mix of the two.

The director of the video is Park Byung Hwan who had also directed the music video for her first video ‘Secret’. She is planning to bring a 180 degree change from her song ‘Secret’ that expressed the freshness of youth and is planning to bring a strong performance.

Source: http://isplus.live.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=10427908&ctg=1503&tm=i_ntr


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