Jung Hyung Don and Sandara Park wear the same clothes! Who is the real fashionista?



Jung Hyung Don and Sandara Park wore the same clothes and gave off  different impressions.

One online community message board uploaded the pictures with the words “Jung Hyung Don vs. Sandara Park. Same clothes and completely different impressions.” 

The pictures show Jung Hyung Don on the stage of MBC’s ‘Show Music Core’ on the 12th while performing ‘Gangbuk Handsome Guy’ and Sandara Park in a picture that she uploaded herself on twitter.

They are wearing the same flower print tracksuit but give off completely different impressions. Jung Hyun Don’s tracksuit looks very tight while Sandara Park’s looks very loose and this caused a lot of laughter.

The netizens that saw these pictures wrote, “I thought I had seen Jung Hyung Don’s tracksuit a lot before. Sandara Park wore it as well”, “Sandara is also a Gangbuk handsome person because she wore the same clothes”, “The tracksuit suits both of the, and “, “They wear the same clothes and give off the celebrity force.”

Source: http://isplus.live.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=10437905&ctg=1502&tm=i_ntr


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