Jo Kwon talks about ‘We Got Married’.


2AM’s Jo Kwon shared words with hidden meanings when talking about having feelings for another person while appearing on ‘We Got Married’.

Jo Kwon’s pictorial and interview appears in the fashion magazine ‘@star1’ that was published on the 21st. He talked honestly about marriage and dating in the interview.

He appeared with Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in on the show ‘We Got Married’ as a pretend couple. The two were the very popular ‘Adam Couple’ that showed their real and easy going selves.

Jo Kwon stated, “During the show, I wanted to show a real relationship like a normal person without any pretense of celebrity. You need to have an attitude that is honest and that can connect with the public. I think that fans liked it because they thought, ‘They are dating for real, they are really married'” and shared his thoughts. He stated, “I still contact Ga-in and we get along well.”




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