Kim Nayoung says that she looks like Girls’ Generation’s Yoona


Kim Nayoung bragged about the similarities between her and Yoona.

Kim Nayoung made references to a past broadcast and internet searches that said ‘Yoona, Kim Nayoung, doppleganger’ while on MBC’s ‘Sunday Night 2- Magic Concert This is Magic’ that was broadcast on February 3rd.

Kim Nayoung previously dressed completely in the style of Yoona and even did a perfect copy of a dance. She stated, “After that, the articles and search terms said that Yoona and I were dopplegangers” and “Everyone said that we were so alike” and shared her absurd remarks.

Kim Nayoung spoke strongly about it but the MC’s stated “Can you really say something like that” and chided her. Kim Nayoung made everyone laugh as she looked at the MC’s and would not back down on her position.



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