Joowon got hurt by a bowl of noodles during the filming of ‘7th Level Civil Servant’!



Choi Kang Hee shared behind the scenes stories from the filming of ‘7th Level Civil Servant’.

She shared an anecdote about the scene where Joowon gets black bean noodles thrown on his face on the episode of MBC’s ‘Good Feeling Day’ that was broadcast on the 4th.

Choi Kang Hee and Joowon play agents Kim Seowon and Han Gilro on MBC drama ‘7th Level Civil Servant’. Choi Kang Hee chose the scene where her character of Kim Seowon throws a plate of black bean noodels at Han Gilro as the most memorable scene.

She stated, “Joowon got hit with the bowl of noodles and his nose got hurt. He could not film for three days.”

She continued, “The scene was filmed in one take and it became like that.”




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