Lee Minho does not like to go out to eat!



Lee Minho revealed why he likes to eat at home.

He appeared on the episode of MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment Communication’ that was broadcast on the 8th. He was asked by reporter Park Seul Gi, “There is a rumor that you are very cheap and that you only eat at home since you think it is too expensive to go out.” Lee Minho showed anger by saying, “What kind of rumor….”

He explained, “Honestly, I like to eat at home because of my mother’s cooking” and “She makes everything really well especially soups like bean curd soup and kimchi soup.”

Girls’ Generation member Yoona was with him during the interview and Yoona said, “That sounds good.” Park Seul Gi stated, “You should invite Yoona to your house.” Lee Minho was surprised at that moment and said, “Invite her to my  house?” and the studio laughed as the atmosphere seemed like Yoona and Lee Minho were going to have a sort of meeting for marriage.

Yoona also stated, “Lee Minho bragged that he went out and ate for the first time in a long time” and made everyone laugh. This gave a hint that Lee Minho is actually cheap in real life.

Source: http://isplus.live.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=10646886&ctg=1502&tm=i_ntr


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