Big Bang’s T.O.P and Go So Young take a picture together!


Go So Young uploaded a picture that she took with T.O.P.

She uploaded the picture on her twitter on the 8th with the words “Backstage at the BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR: THE FINAL.”

In the picture, she is taking a picture with Big Bang member T.O.P and Noh Hee Young, who is an adviser for CJ Group and is also famous as a judge for ‘Master Chef Korea 1’. 

Go So Young is wearing a khaki jacket with a fur trim and has a big smile on her face. T.O.P is wearing a red coat with dots and also shows off his interesting fashion sense with his sunglasses.

Netizens that saw this picture wrote, “T.O.P and Go So Young look close”, “Is it true that Go So Young is a mother”, “Go So Young is always beautiful”, and “T.O.P’s fashion is difficult to pull off but he does it well.”




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