Ulzzang Go Du Rim: Looks like Han Ga In and is marketed like Hyuna?


Broadcaster Go Du RIm (21), also known as ‘Han Ga In’s doppelganger’, has gone beyond what she has been called on the internet. She has been trying very hard to find a similar line of action in regards to the ‘sexy code’ done by 4Minute member Hyuna.
Go Du Rim released her first digital single called ‘Ice Cream’ on the 4th. The title is the same as the solo song released by Hyuna last year. Go Du Rim’s outfit and also her jacket pictures are also very similar to Hyuna’s.
Her company Hot Issue Company spoke in regards to the reports saying, “There has been a lot of surprise as the title is the same as Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’. Her favorite singer is Hyuna and she will work hard to not trouble Hyuna’s name” and tried to clarify the similarities with Hyuna’s song.
Go Du Rim also created an issue when she appeared on Comedytv’s ‘Ulzzang Generation 7’ on the 8th and performed Hyuna’s ‘Bubblepop’ during the talent show portion. It looks as if she has gone away from being called ‘Han Ga In’s doppelganger’ to taking the route of ‘Hyuna Marketing’.
Netizens that were responding to this stated, “Please succeed based on your skills”, “Please stop playing with the press”, “I did not know she released an album” and other criticisms. On the other hand, other netizens wrote, “She has a nice figure, and “Please do not get hurt by the criticisms” and also received encouraging words that gained attention.
Go Du Rim appeared on ‘Ulzzang Generation 7’ and got her face known and has been involved in various areas of the entertainment industry such as television broadcasts and photo shoots. She confessed on a broadcast last month that she dealt with pain dealing with criticisms in regards to her selcas and her tears became the center of attention.

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