Notes on updates for next few weeks!

Hi everyone! 

First, we want to thank ALL of you for visiting our humble site. We (the two editors) wanted to start a site since we felt a lot of the news being translated was being incorrectly translated.

So far, we have had bigger hits than we expected and we have no one to thank but you.

Thanks for your comments and your hits. Really.

While we do want to update a LOT every single day, the two of us have full-time employment here in Korea and one of us is actually also planning a wedding (Does this show off how old we are?). 

We will probably update every other day for the next month or so. We are going to try to upload a lot on the days we do update. We hope you understand.

We would rather update every other day very well rather than just uploading for the sake of hits. We value you guys more than that!

So, thank you so much again for visiting. Please leave us comments and let us know how WE can make this site better.




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