What is the secret to Jungah’s figure?


After School member Jungah shared that she does not skip exercise while sharing a picture of her healthy self.

She uploaded a picture of herself on her twitter on the 13th with the words, “Should I sleep early today:? No.. I have to exercise!”

In the picture, she is wearing a black sleeveless top and is looking towards the camera with her makeup-less face. She shows her healthy and toned body with her bright expression that shows off her healthy charm.

The fact that she said “I must exercise” showed that the thin figure that she shows on stage is due to the result of a lot of work.

Netizens wrote, “I want After School to come out with a new album”, “Jungah is pretty”, and “The original model-dols are After School”, and “The best.”

Source: http://live.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=10680667&ctg=1502&tm=n_ent


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