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Jay Park and Kim Seulgi take a picture together!



A picture showing the cute charms of singer Jay Park and actress Kim Seulgi has been revealed.

Jay uploaded a picture on his twitter on the 8th with the words, “Again with Sshi.”

In the picture, both Jay and Kim Seulgi are dressed comfortably and are wearing cute hats. They look like silly siblings and are making comical expressions and posing with v signs. The picture brought out laughter.

Netizens wrote, “The cuties are together”, “I want to pinch Kim Seulgi’s cheeks just once”, and “They could date and I would not say anything.”

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Suzy takes pictures of gifts that she received from fans!


Suzy shared pictures that she took of gifts that she received from fans.

She uploaded the pictures on her twitter on the 8th with these words, “Thank you for your never changing and full heart. Fighting (Korean expression for be strong) today as well.”

In the pictures, there are gifts from fans along with encouraging words. It looks as if she took the pictures in order to give back love that she received from fans.

Netizens that saw these pictures wrote, “The nation’s first love also has a lovely heart”, “Suzy’s delicate consideration gives strength to her fans”, and “I want to send Suzy a gift too since I saw these pictures.”

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Hyerim goes to see Yeeun’s musical!



Wonder Girls member Hyerim shared a proof shot of herself attending Yeeun’s musical.

She uploaded a picture on her twitter on the 6th with the words, ‘Went to see Yenny’s musical today! She was amazing” and “Yeeun unni is the best!” which showed her particular fondness for Yeeun.

In the picture, Yeeun and Hyerim are posing together. Yeeun is wearing thick makeup that is used for the stage and Hyerim is wearing simple clothes that contrasts Yeeun’s stage clothes. 

The gorgeous Yeeun and the innocent looking Hyerim showed off the beauty of the Wonder Girls.

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Tablo looks forward to Lee Hi’s album!


Epik High member Tablo shared his anticipation for singer Lee Hi’s new album.

Tablo wrote these words on his twitter on the 6th, “When looking at the tracks for Lee Hi, it seems that Tablo oppa helped her a lot! I am anticipating it. What kind of good songs will come out of it. Pit-a-pat (Heart is pounding) and “It is not because I participated in the album. This album is really superb. It is the first album that is like an album in a long time.” Tablo’s words drew attention.

Lee Hi gained a lot of curiosity when she released the track list for her solo album comeback called ‘First Love’ on the 4th.

Producers for the album included Masta Wu, Lydia Paek, Robin, Teddy, and Song Baek Kyung and Tablo included lyrics for the songs ‘Turn it Up’ and ‘Special’ which brought even more attention to the album. 

Netizens wrote, “I am also looking forward to Lee Hi’s album”, “Lee Hi and Tablo must get along well with each other”, “Tablo recognizes Lee Hi”, and “Lee Hi, I want you to comeback quickly.”

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Sandara takes a picture with ZE:A’s Siwan!



2NE1 member Sandara Park shared a picture that she took with Lim Siwan that proved that she attended his musical.

She uploaded the picture on her twitter on the 6th and wrote, “Proof that I went to the musical Joseph Amazing. It was so fun. A picture with Joseph Siwan! Awkward awkward.”

In the picture, Sandara and Siwan are standing next to each other and looking towards the camera while making v-signs with their fingers. They are still awkward towards each other so there was a space between them.

Regardless, Sandara wore a uniquely designed black outfit with sunglasses and Siwan was wearing a white t-shirt with white pants and the two gave off a black and white contrast which drew attention from those that saw the picture.

Siwan played the role of Joseph from the 12th of last month.

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Yoo Seungho shares a picture of his pre-military haircut process!



A picture of Yoo Seungho getting his hair cut has become a topic of conversation among netizens.

He uploaded a picture of his pre-military entrance haircut on his fan cafe called ‘Talk to U’ on the 5th. In the picture, he has a playful expression on his face and is holding a pair of scissors. The words, “We will wait for you, Seungho!!” can be seen on the wall behind him.

Netizens that saw this picture wrote, “Yoo Seungho’s haircut looks like a scene from a movie. It does not seem real”, “Yoo Seungho is still handsome with a shaved head. Please come back healthy from the army”, “I would have no other wish but to go to Yoo Seungho’s goodbye party.”

Source: http://live.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=10861327&ctg=1502&tm=n_ent

How alike are Donghae and Amber?



A picture of Amber and Donghae looking similar to each other has become a topic of conversation.

F(x) member Amber posted a picture on her twitter on the 5th with the words, “A picture I took with Donghae oppa a long time ago. We really look alike.”

In the picture, Amber and Super Junior member Donghae are both looking as if they are whistling and are looking towards the camera.

The two have received attention previously for looking alike.

Netizens that saw this picture wrote, “They really look alike”, “They are like brother and sister”, and “How could they look that much alike.”

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