From girl group member to a top English teacher!

Note: We are back! Please enjoy our regular posting from now on. Did you guys miss us? 



The fact that Ahn Mijung, a former idol group member turned popular teacher, has become successful has become the topic of conversation among netizens.

Recently, an online community message board uploaded information about the life of former O-24 member Ahn Mijung and the topic has gained attention.

Ahn Mijung debuted with the idol group O-24 in 1999 and performed songs such as ‘First Love’, and ‘Freedom’ with them. She later worked as a reporter in Suwon with SBS and that also was a popular topic among netizens at the time.

She specialized as a TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) instructor in 1999 and her lectures ended up becoming shared and she has now succeeded as a star instructor in Noryangjin specializing in Police English.

Netizens who saw information on Ahn Mijung wrote, “She is admirable”, “It is good to see someone make a new path for themselves” and other reactions.

Note: What do you think will happen to your favorite idols after their idol period is over?



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