Sunggyu talks about his eyeliner obsession!

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Sunggyu, the leader of group Infinite, appeared on the episode of ‘Golden Fishery-Radio Star’ on the 27th and talked about why he is attached to eyeliner.

MC Yoon Seyoon asked Sunggyu on why he uses eyeliner on his face everyday and said, “There is a saying that eyeliner is soul to Sunngyu and it is to such an extent that Ga-in (and her eyeliner use) is not even relevant.”

Sunggyu replied, “My eyes have been small since I was young. My mother has small eyes as well” and “I feel empty without my eyeliner. It is an important part of me. I think that it is a kind of performance as well.”

Sunggyu later showed his eyes that he drew on with thick eyeliner and Yoon Seyoon made everyone laugh by saying, “Your eyes are really small.”

Viewers who saw the program stated, “He has no choice but to focus on his eyeliner”, “This is part of his individuality”, and “His small eyes are more charming.”




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