Is IU worth 100 million won in dubbing fees?




IU has currently been surrounded in controversy regarding her fees for dubbing a movie.

Recently, one meida company stated, “There is a trend of using stars for the dubbing of animation movies, a small fee for dubbing is 10 million won and the highest asking price is 100 million won.”

This company mentioned that IU received 100 million one for dubbing ‘Sammy’s Adventure 2’ last year, and another company stated, “IU received 50 times more than a normal voice actor.”

Still another representative from a company stated, “There is no problem in IU receiving 100 million one as there would be that much profit as there is an investment.”

The opinion is that compared to normal voice actors, stars have to take part in press conferences and promotions and it is beyond just an appearance but also as a model for the films.

Netizens commented on the controversy by saying. “Is it really a surprising thing that IU receives 100 million won?”, and “Compared to a voice actor, 100 million won for dubbing really is a lot of money.”



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