Fellow RooRa member Kim Jihyun talks about the Go Young Wook scandal.



Kim Jihyun, former member of co-ed group RooRa, spoke about the continuous troubles that have been going on with the members of the group.

She appeared on KBS 2TV’s variety program ‘Yeoyoo Manman (Have a Lot of Time)’ that was broadcast on the 4th and shared her opinion about the different negative situations that the members have been in. Her words became the center of attention.

She stated, “Honestly, it is heartbreaking and disappointing and there really is not much to say” and “Since it is not a solo effort but a group, we can be happy for each other if something good happens, but if something bad happens, it seems we are fated to shoulder that as well.”

She also stated, “The members have stated that we will have our own time and spend it quietly” and “Everyone is enduring. It is a time where we need to have time.”

RooRa member Lee Sangmin borrowed hundreds of thousands of won in 2011 and is currently booked without detention for taking 100 million won. Go Young Wook is currently on trial for sexually assaulting and being lewd towards minors.

Netizens wrote, “I understand what she is saying”, “She must be disappointed” and “I miss the old RooRa.”

Source: http://news.hankyung.com/201303/2013030416007.html?ch=news



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