How did T-ARA N4 do in the states?



It has been reported that T-ARA N4 had a humiliating performance at an outdoor swimming pool while in America. Their company clarified the situation by saying, “It is a misunderstanding based on people that were not actually there.” 

It was previously reported that T-ARA N4 were invited as special guests to open for singer Chris Brown. However, when looking at an uploaded video through an online community, it showed T-ARA N4 performing at an outdoor swimming pool stage.

A representative from T-ARA’s company said on the 28th on TVReport, “It is currently celebration time in America due to MDW2013 (Memorial Day Weekend 2013). There were misunderstandings due to cultural differences between the U.S and Korea. We think that people in Korea misunderstood the situation while watching the video” and “The concert was done in a part format. T-ARA took pictures with Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose after their successful performance.”

When asked about their more revealing stage outfits, the representative stated, “We only matched the clothes to the performance environment” and “It took place at a swimming pool so we wanted to have a cool stage. The reaction to T-ARA N4’s performance was quite good.”

As there was an incident with a missing bag, member Jiyeon came back to Korea first while the other members of Ahreum, Eunjung, and Hyomin will arrive later.

Editor’s question: What do you guys think? Is it really a matter of cultural differences?




A belated Dream Concert Review!

Dream Concert Review

Hello all! A few weeks ago, we got to see 31 idols perform live at Dream Concert in Seoul, Korea. A lot of sites said that there was going to be 21 idols and that the show was going to start at 6:30. However, you might not have known that they also had a pre-show. We arrived around 4 p.m. and at 4:30 p.m., the pre-show started with rookie groups. The first to perform was a band named Air Band, this band consisted of one guitar player and one drummer. They were quite entertaining and I thought it was smart to have them go first. They have a candy rock style so it was fun for a crowd of Kpop fans. The other groups that performed in the pre-show in no particular order were Delight, A-prince, Tiny-G, Off Road, 24K, Glam, Toxic and N-Sonic. Each of the groups did one song and gave a short introduction.

A little after 6:30pm, the show began. The hosts were Onew (Shinee), Hara (Kara) and DooJoon (Beast). They walked on the stage and started their introductions until they were notified that something went wrong so they had to do it all over again. You could tell they were a little embarrassed.

The first group to perform was Rainbow. I won’t do a review on all the performances, but if you have some specific questions about a group please ask and we can answer the questions for you. All the groups did very well. Each group did 2-3 songs and a short introduction with the exception of T-ara N4. They only performed 1 song and they did not give an introduction.

The concert order went as follows:

1. Rainbow
2. EXO
3. B1A4
4. Huh Gak
5. Girls’ Day
6. Boyfriend
7. BtoB
8. Ubeat/U-Kiss
9. Special stage- Ze:A/Girls’ Day
10. 2AM
11. Secret
12. Infinite
13. KARA
14. Ze:A
15. Vixx
16. Evol
17. Speed
18. Special stage- Sistar’s Hyorin and 2am’s Changmin
19. T-ara N4
20. 4 Minute
21. Sistar
22. B2st
23. Shinee
24. Girl’s Generation

The concert ended around 11:00pm. It was really entertaining and very professional. I would recommend going to see a Dream Concert in your country or maybe come to the next one in Korea in 2014. If you are a huge K-pop fan then this is definitely your type of concert. You can see most of your favorite idols in one setting for a reasonable price. If you have any questions about Dream Concert please let us know in the comments and we will answer as quickly as possible.


Kim Soohyun spotted at university!



Kim Soohyun was spotted on campus and even from far away, he looks like a celebrity.

Pictures of actor Kim Soohyun at university has become the center of attention. Pictures were uploaded on an online community message board with the words, “Kim Soohyun comes to campus and all the girls start following him.”

In the pictures, Kim Soohyun is dressed in a comfortable outfit that includes jeans and a hat and looks like a normal college student. He is among a bunch of female students and is also taking pictures for the students. The fact that even among all the students, his small face shows off his perfect proportions gained attention.

Netizens wrote, “He is the standard of handsome”, “His proportions are the best”, “He looks like a celebrity right away” and “I am envious of the students that saw him.”


Jung Ryeowon takes a picture with Super Junior’s Siwon and Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld



Actress Jung Ryeowon shared a picture that she took with world famous designer Karl Lagerfeld and Super Junior’s Siwon at a Chanel fashion show.

She uploaded the picture on her twitter on the 9th with the words, “Mr. Lagerfeld and Siwon. Hehehe.”

In the picture, Ryeowon is standing with Chanel’s designer Karl Lagerfeld and Siwon in a comfortable way. The harmonious black and white fashion between the three gained attention. 

Netizens that saw the picture wrote, “The fact that Jung Ryeowon met Karl Lagerfeld is the best”, “Jung Ryeowon and Choi Siwon have great visuals” and “I am jealous of Ryeowon’s doll-like visuals.”

Jung Ryeowon and Choi Siwon were invited by Karl Lagerfeld to attend the Chanel 2013/14 Cruise Collection show in Singapore.


Joonhyung talks about his school days!


Yong Joonhyung along with actors Ha Yeonsoo and Kim Haneul appeared on a special episode of Mnet’s ‘Inside Stars-Monstar’ that was broadcast on the 9th. The actors spoke with determination on that day. When asked about his school days, Yong Joonhyung stated, “Whenever I danced in front of other people, I felt this great happiness and so I decided on my dream early on” and spoke about his reasons in becoming a singer. 

He also stated, “At that time, I did not think of it but now I think ‘I should have made more memories with my friends then'” and shared his regrets about the time as well.

Netizens reacted to Joonhyung’s words by saying, “Joonhyung was sure of his dreams since his school days”, “How much did he dance during his school days…”, “You should create memories with me”, “What kind of happiness did he feel during his school days?” and “He must have really liked dance during that time.”


Suzy’s eye makeup causes a stir at the Paeksang Awards!



Suzy attempted to make a change to her appearance using smoky eye makeup.

Actress and singer Suzy showed off her strong smoky eye makeup on the red carpet of the 49th Paeksang Arts Awards that took place at Kyunghee University’s Peace Hall on the evening of the 9th.

Her smoky eye makeup changed her image from her usual first love image to one of sexiness. The strong eyeliner she wore completed her look and gave her a whole different appearance.

She was also wearing a long red dress that was tight fighting and that drew a lot of attention. Her dress was covered with see-through material starting from the shoulders down and showed off her dizzying charm.

While this look gave off a charming and sexy appearance, there were also comments that the look was too old for a young Suzy.


SECRET shows off their sweetness on Music Bank!



Group Secret brought a lot of sweetness to their comeback stage.

Secret appeared on KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’ on the 10th and performed the title song called ‘Yoo Hoo’ off their 4th mini album titled ‘Letter from Secret’. 

They showed of their charm through their sweetness and also showed off their unique vivaciousness. The song is about the feeling that you get when you are starting to fall in love. 

‘Yoo Hoo’ is an exciting synth-pop dance song and has cute lyrics that describe when you start liking a friend for the first time. The cute lyrics and melody show off SECRET’s unique cuteness.

The phrase ‘Yoo Hoo’ used throughout the song is used to portray the excitement of when you start to like someone. This fun expression is the special point of the song.


BEAST shows up to Music Bank!



Group Beast performed on ‘Music Bank’.

Beast appeared on the May 10th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ that was a special episode that took place in the city of Osong in North Chungcheong province. They performed their song ‘A Beautiful NIght’.

The last time Beast performed on ‘Music Bank’ was in March for ‘Music Bank’ in Jakarta’ and this performance was the first time they performed on ‘Music Bank’ in two months.

They showed off their strong live skills and their veteran stage presence and succeeded in capturing the audience. They especially brought out a lot of exclamations from fans during the performance.


How well did the other members do without Hyuna on Music Bank?



The members of 4Minute performed as a four member group to their song ‘What’s Your Name’ without member Hyuna.

They were on stage for their song ‘What’s Your Name’ on the 10th on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ while member Hyuna was hospitalized. 

Even though they only had four members, they were able to perform without any errors and received a lot of applause from the audience. They showed off their addictive melodies and also their live singing abilities. 

Hyuna collapsed due to a high fever and dehydration prior to her schedule on the 6th and entered the hospital. There is a desire for her to recover quickly but the other members will perform as a four member group for the time being.


Eunji makes a reference to former A-Pink member Yookyung at the Paeksang Awards!



A-Pink’s Jung Eunji made a reference to recently departed member Hong Yookyung.

Eunji received the newcomer award in the television category at the ’49th Hi-One Paeksang Arts Awards’ that took place on the 9th at Kyunghee University’s Peace Hall.

Jung Eunji successfully played the role of Sung Siwon on tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’ and was able to win the award. 

Eunji gave her thoughts about the award by saying, “I would like to thank the president of our company and also the staff of the company as well. I want to thank my mom and dad who are watching at home” and “A Pink. Chorong, Bomi, Naeun, Yookyung, Namjoo, and Hayoung. You are all probably congratulating me right now so I want to say thank you and that I love you.”

She named all the members of A-Pink while accepting her award and also including the name of recently departed member Yookyung.