Fans show massive interest in Shinhwa’s upcoming album!


Group Shinhwa’s official 11th album titled ‘The Classic’ will have a limited edition that can be bought through pre-order starting on the 8th.

Shinhwa shared through their Shinhwa Company homepage on the 1st, the news of their new album that will be released on the 16th and also news about their Asia tour.

A representative from Shinhwa Company stated, “This 11th album will be completely different and new compared to their 10th album. We will have 10,000 more copies of the limited edition prepared for a total of 40,000 albums. It will be the best gift for fans that have been waiting for Shinhwa’s comeback until now” and shared their confidence in the album.

There will be 40,000 copies of the limited edition 11th album and it could be pre-ordered starting from this morning on various music sites. It will also include a photo book that was made with the aid of photographer Cho Sunhee. The fact that Cho Sunhee participated in the making of the album became a special center of focus. 

On the 7th, the Shinhwa Company website shared the tracklist for the whole album which also included the title song called ‘This Love’.

The lyrics for ‘This Love’ were written by Brian Kim who also composed the title song off of Shinhwa’s 8th album. The song was composed by British producers Andrew Jackson and Lee McCutcheon as a gift to the group and the song has a dreamlike feel in the beginning and is an electronic song with a trendy beat.

Netizens when reacting to the news of the limited edition album wrote, “I am looking forward to the limited edition of ‘The Classic’, “I ordered it on the 8th”, “I hope that Shinhwa, who has been around for 14 years, will succeed with this album”, “Shinhwa is a legend in the music industry and I hope this album will prosper”, “The server for Shinnara Record is down ㅠㅠ”, and “The website for Shinnara record will not open.”




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