Son Dambi gets embarrassed standing next to models?




A picture of Son Dambi getting ‘height embarrassed’ while standing next to models has become a topic of conversation.

She uploaded a picture on a picture on her twitter on the 7th with the words, “Young Jin unni. I hope your movie will be a success.”

In the picture, Son Dambi is at the VIP preview of the movie ‘The Fantasy Version of You’ and is with former model turned actress Lee Young Jin, and also with models Kang Seung Yeon and Lee Hyunee. Son Dambi stands at 168 cm but stood out as she looks very small standing next to the models.

Netizens that saw the picture of Son Dambi wrote, “Son Dambi is cute’, ‘She looks like a mini-me’, and ‘Son Dambi looks small next to the models’. Son Dambi is currently on the show ‘Son Dambi’s Beautiful Days’ on MBC Music.



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